A Civil Defense Siren Malfunctioned in Hawaii Kai Causing Panic to Residents

Hundreds of us, residents in Hawaii Kai got an unexpected and early wake-up call this morning. A civil defense siren near Kamiloiki elementary school went off more than once. It was really alarming and shocking because the sound was very loud, as if there was a war coming. The state says there was no emergency and that the siren malfunctioned. We were really startled by the loud noise. We kept wondering why the siren couldn’t be turned off sooner.
The Hawaii Kai agency confirmed there was a siren malfunction. It went off at around 4 o’clock Sunday morning, then again between 7 and 8 o’clock. We were really shocked when the alarm turned on, because it was built for emergencies – really serious ones. We thought there was an emergency that we have to leave this place. We thought there was an earthquake that would cause a tsunami. It went on and off for a brief moment and on again about 10 times. So it was pretty irritating and a bit scary because we didn’t know what really was going on. No one could give an explanation about the alarms going off. We turned the TV on and looked at our phones if we got anything, on emergency coming up, and turned on the radio. Dogs were barking and babies were crying, and a lot of people went outside their homes wondering what was really going on.
We’re trying to figure out why they couldn’t just shut if off remotely. We really don’t know how the system works, so we like to know what happened, and why it couldn’t be resolved sooner. So we checked and found out that all sirens have a satellite cellular activation system. The Hawaii Kai management agency confirmed that the siren really did have a malfunction and it was difficult to turn it off. They said that it would be better for us residents to subscribe to notification systems on emergencies to avoid panic among the Hawaii Kai. Technicians headed out to the site to find out what exactly caused electronic malfunction, and tried to fix it.

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