Behind the scenes in Hawaii Kai

“Sandy beach here we come” I thought as we drove past Kalama valley. I was so eager I hadn’t slept in days because once again it was the New Years Eve beach party. It’s a popular Hawaii Kai event held annually once a year. It’s numerously advertised all over Hawaii and Hawaii Kai news to attract tourists. For us locals, it’s become a tradition that reunites us to celebrate our ancestors at sandy beach (it’s the most attractive and largest beach in Hawaii Kai) and new beginnings. My friends and I always drove down there together because it’s the only time each of us is available.

When we reached sandy beach drive, we had to leave our car because of the large crowd and walk the rest of the distance. The tourists looked astonished by the crowd and kept waving at the Hawaii Kai camera man who was capturing this amazing moment. The enchanting smells of our local foods part of Hawaii Kai living, enticed us closer and closer. Our local artists were set to perform including special appearances from various international artists. My best friend Lillo held my hand and smiled at me as we walked into sandy beach because the moment we had waited for was finally here.

I couldn’t help my jaw from dropping. Everything inside was simply amazing; the poi dancers, limbo dancers, music, people, games and not forgetting the food. They had made a few additions to the Hawaii Kai event and everything was more than we expected. The Hawaii Kai cameras were everywhere trying to capture everything. I walked around admiring the different Mayan sculptures that represent our Hawaii Kai culture. Everything was set up to draw the tourists into the Hawaii Kai living, to embrace and be part of it.
“Ten, nine, eight ……..” I counted with the rest of the crowd to usher in the New Year. Finally the fireworks were lit and covered the sky with amazing colors. As people shouted “happy new year” I realized Hawaii Kai made that moment special for me and couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

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Behind the scenes in Hawaii Kai
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