Having a mascot in Hawaii Kai

A mascot is a symbol of a group of people, an organization, a company, or even a country that has a common identity. It is used to be able to identify the group it represents and it can also be used for merchandises and products.
Now, we might ask why do we need to have a mascot on Hawaii Kai? Does it help with the prosperity of the town? Does having a mascot on billboards invite people to visit the area? Would it revitalize the spirits of the citizens living in the town if they see a mascot of their area representing them?

First, to understand why we need a mascot on this town, we must understand how this town came to be. Hawaii Kais is situated east of Honolulu and was originally a fishpond named Kuapa pond by early settlers in the area. It was then dredged up by an ambitious man named Kaiser-Aetna to be made into residential and commercial areas. Today, Hawaii Kai is one of the towns in Hawaii that boasts high priced residential areas.

With a mascot representing the town, people would easily identify it apart from other towns. When people see it they would say, “Hey isn’t that Hawaii Kai’s mascot?” They would be able to see the town as one that truly cares about its development enough to have a mascot to represent them. Having a mascot in Hawaii Kai would be very beneficial especially if it is still developing to make the whole of Hawaii popular to the tourists since mascots also boost popularity and are easy to be remembered by people, especially tourists visiting.

In games or sports, a mascot uplifts the spirits of the players who are about to lose, to give them hope that they can still win the game. They cheer them to work harder to be able to win. In a town like Hawaii Kai, having a mascot would have the same effect to the citizens. With the growing population of the town, it never hurts to have a mascot that citizens will be proud of; something that they can look up to while working to make the town better. They work hard knowing that they help their town in its development.

Hawaii Kai needs a mascot, not just for its own development but also for the development of the citizens living in it.

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Having a mascot in Hawaii Kai
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