Hawaii Kai Employment and Jobs Pulse

Based on 2012 data estimates, Hawaii Kai unemployment rate is .7 % lower than Honolulu and 1.7% lower than Hawaii average which indicates higher income per capita and median household income percentages among the three variables. This information is an important consideration for professionals who would like to take their careers in the “Big Island”. Stay connected and updated with what’s happening in the place through Hawaii news, particularly Hawaii Kai and Hawaii Kai events. It will take you closer to your dream place where you can practice your profession and live for good.

Apart from the variety of beautiful attractions and sceneries that you can enjoy in Hawaii Kai, the poverty rate is way better compared to other cities and even compared to the national average. Based on statistics, the percentage of the citizens living in Hawaii Kai with bachelor degree with ages above 25 years old was around 51.8%. If we’re going to scrutinize the data collected and presented, it shows that there are more males compared to females in the entire work force who are employed. Furthermore, the median earnings for males are approximately $59,962 and $39,530 for females which is about 51.7% difference. According to the employment status report in 2012, above 60% of the population is in the labor force with almost zero in the military combined. Majority of the employed residences are employed full time, about 35 hours plus per week. If you’re only targeting to have a part time job in the place, you might have a slimmer chance of getting what you want. Still more males are getting the full time jobs compared to females. Also, based on the numbers gathered, more females are earning around $40,000 to $65,000 than males and a way higher percentage of males compared to females are earning above $100,000. Lastly, around 36.2% of females’ employment bulk is in the academe, health and public services and only around 15.8% of males.

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