Hawaii Kai History and Living Life on Oahu

Hawaii Kai is a vast residential area geographically located approximately 12 miles east of the Central Business District (CBD) of Honolulu on the island of O’ahu. Hawaii Kai or Koko Marina is one of the largest communities of the island since around 1959, developed by Henry J. Kaiser, an American industrialist, in the ancient area of Maunalua fishpond and wetlands also known as Kuapā which means “fishpond wall”. Originally, the Kuapā pond was 523 acres, built with a natural barrier beach which separates it from Maunalua Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The shallow coastal inlet and wetlands of Hawaii Kai were dredged and filled to transform into a marine embayment. In 1961, Kaiser-Aetna was in agreement with the land owner the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate to lease the said property. The said lease agreement was to develop the fishpond into a residential territory with a marina and channels separated upon lands and islands which house lots and commercial properties. The lease agreement between Kaiser-Aetna and the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate opened a lot of portals to the development of Hawaii Kai. All of its low-lying lands were nearly occupied for commercial properties and infrastructures. Also, the great extension of the neighbouring valleys was one of the developments in Hawaii Kai. One of its developed communities was the Kalama Valley, located within the residential area of Hawaii Kai. The Kalama Valley features luxurious houses due to its location, shopping cente, public parks for leisure, restaurants such as Chinese restaurants and Thai restaurants,and church. Located also in Hawaii Kai is the Kamehame Ridge which is in the middle of Kalama Valley and Kamilo Iki Valley. The Kamehame Ridge was developed during the 1990s. From the bottom and top of the said Ridge lie the multi-million dollars houses and real estates. The very few population of Hawaii Kai way back then is now accumulating to thirty thousands of residents residing and ten thousands households, this was as of between 2009-2013. Indeed, after three decades, Hawaii Kai or the Koko Marina has developed rapidly and the decades of its successful journey is indeed astounding. Hawaii Kai can be therefore considered as one of the Honolulu’s captivating region where lifestyle is like no other!

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